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3-Stage Smart Charge Turbo M & ME charges battery in three sequential stage - Bulk, Absorption, and Float. This mechanism is proven to bring battery to its fullest charge, and also to maintain battery from self discharge. Please see 3 Stage Smart Charge for more information.
Adaptive Loading A multi-output Turbo M & ME charger can actively adjust each of its individual output loading and completes charging cycles in the shortest time possible. Please see Adaptive Loading for more information.
Waterproof Turbo M & ME are fully potted for waterproof, shock-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. They are IP65 rated (Ingress Protection) for splash proof.
Prewired Turbo M & ME charger are prewired with DC output cables (ring terminals). Each cable is equipped with safety inline fuses.
99% Power Factor
(Power Factor Corrected)
High power factor rating optimizes energy used, generates less unwanted heat, and raises power efficiency. With built-in Active PFC (Power Factor Correction), The Turbo M achieves 0.99 in Power Factor rating, compares to typical non-PFC chargers whose Power Factor rating are around 0.65~0.75. Higer PF means better power efficieny and more consistant performance.
100~240V AC
Full Range AC Input
(Auto Ranging)
Turbo M accepts full range of AC input (100V~240V AC). It automatically senses the input voltage and adjusts accordingly.
Battery Type Selector Turbo M & ME allows user to select different types of 12V DC batteries to charge. The factory setting is at "Flooded Lead Acid / AGM Charge Mode". The other two charge modes are "Gel Charge Mode" and "AGM+ Charge Mode". The AGM+ Charge Mode is approved by Odyssey for recharging its high-power AGM batteries.
2 Year Warranty Powermania, at its disretion, provides 2 year limited warranty on Turbo M & ME chargers against defects in materials or workmanship under normal use.
Charge 0-Volt Battery Turbo M can be used to revive a 0-volt battery that has accumulated too much build up or has been allowed to sit unused for several months. It could take several days of charging to bring battery voltage to a normal level. Unless the battery has one or more shorted cell, Turbo M can save battery while most others cannot.
Full Output at 90V AC Turbo M delivers full output even if input AC voltage been dropped to 90V. In less than ideal charging setup using alternative power sources such as generator power or shore power via long extension cords, Turbo M performs just as well as it was provided with full 120V AC from a standard power outlet.
Connection Check Warning Conneciton Check Warning helps ensure every battery is being charged. If the connection between the charger and the battery is broken by any cause, whether it is resulted from blown fuse or loose cable connection, the Connection Check Warning LED will display flashing yellow. Please see animation for more information.
Battery Check Warning If the battery voltage cannot be brought to a normal level after 15 hours of Bulk charging, the Battery Check LED will display solid yellow to warn user to check battery. Please see animation for more information.
Over-Voltage Protection The charger is protected from over-voltage. If it detects voltage of 16V DC or higher from its connected battery, the charger will shut off due to abnormality.
Over-Current Protection The charger limits itself to its maximum current output capacity. If a defective battery or its connected devices try to draw larger-than-provided current from the charger, the charger will not yield current exceeding its maximum output.
Ignition Protection The charger is encapsulated to eliminate any internal spark from igniting external surroundings. Internal spark could be potentially generated by misuse or component failure.
Short Circuit Protection Short Circuit Protection feature protects charger from sudden burst of excessive high current caused when any positive output ring gets in contact with one of the negative output rings.
Overheat Protection If the charger detects its ambient temperature higher than the safety threshold, it will shut off to protect the charger from overheat damage. Once the ambient temperature returns to normal, the charger will automatically turn itself on again.
Reverse Polarity Protection The charger is equipped with safety fuses on its output cables. If a user incorrectly connects a positive output cable to a battery’s negative terminal and vice versa, the fuse will be blown and thus disconnects the charger and the battery. When replacing blown fuses, please use spare fuses provided with the charger or use same rating and size fuses.